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Pinellas Habitat for Humanity Moves Historic Henry-Bryan Home

On Thursday, October 24, 2013, I was fortunate enough to see the preparation for the 101 year old Henry-Bryan house to be moved to its new location only a few blocks away and to meet the lucky Evertt family who will be its new owners. Habitat for Humanity usually builds, but for the first time in 28 years they made a wonderful departure from the usual, and saved a home instead.

JMC Communities purchased the property to build condominiums and generously donated the home to the Evertts. The Henry-Bryan home was moved Thursday night to its new location on Martin Luther King, Jr. St. S. to start its renovations. Walter Henry and Hardy Bryan were the original developers of old St. Pete, this house was built in 1912 and later Hardy Bryan and his wife lived there. Below is a link to the history of this lovely home. I will be following the progress and let everyone how it goes!

This is an exciting time in St. Petersburg, it really is seeing a rebirth. St. Pete was in its youth a thriving city and then went into a long period of neglect, but in the last two decades it has come to life once more. This small but beautiful city has the best of worlds to offer; art, music, incredible natural environment, wonderful dining, great museums, fantastic neighborhoods and still a small town feeling.

Historic Henry-Bryan house 

IMG_0075         IMG_0081       IMG_0082IMG_0085

The ground breaking for JMC Communities was held last week and the home is now sitting on its new site waiting for the renovations to begin. It’s always exciting to see what Habitat for Humanities is doing for its community and even more exciting to see a commercial company step up and contribute to the preservation of a historic home and to help enrich the lives of a young couple through home ownership!IMG_0219




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